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10 Soccer Teams With The Funniest Nicknames

Most soccer teams have nicknames, some are good, some are bad, and then there are what this article is about, the funny nicknames.

10. Reading: The Biscuit Men

9. Genoa: Il Vecchio Balordo (The Old Fool)

8. Puebla: Los Camoteros (The Sweet Potato Growers)

7. Club Deportivo Guadalajara: Chivas Rayadas (The Striped Goats)

6. Villarreal: El Submarino Amarillo (The Yellow Submarine)

5. Málaga: Los Boquerones (The Anchovies)

4. Albacete FC: Queso Mecánico (The Clockwork Cheese)

3. Atlético Madrid: Los Colchoneros (The Mattress Makers)

2. Sevilla: Los Palanganas (The Bathtubs)

1. Chievo Verona: Mussi Volanti (The Flying Donkeys)

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