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2022 Women's Euro Power Rankings

The Women's Euro is kicking off in England on July 5th, here is the Soccer Alarms tier list of each of the 16 teams in the tournament.

Tier 1: Sweden, Netherlands, and England.

This tier has the favorites to win the tournament, it includes the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place teams from the 2019 World Cup. Sweden also got 2nd place in the recent summer olympics.

Tier 2: France, Germany, Italy, and Norway.

The second tier has every team that was eliminated in the quarter finals of the World Cup (They were all European). They have good odds to win the tournament.

Tier 3: Spain, Denmark, and Iceland.

Although none of these teams qualified for the World Cup or Olympics, they occupy the 7th, 15th, and 18th spots on the world ranking, this means each one of these teams does have a chance of winning the title, but much smaller than tier 1 and 2.

Tier 4: Austria, Finland, and Belgium.

While the tier 4 teams do have a small possibility of winning the title, it is unlikely, as many of these teams are low on the world ranking and are in difficult groups.

Tier 5: Switzerland, Portugal, and Northern Ireland.

The teams that have the worst chance of winning include two teams who went through the playoff process and won to qualify (Switzerland and Northern Ireland), Northern Ireland are also ranked 46th in the world rankings. Portugal also went through the playoff process, but lost, although with Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Russia was kicked out of the tournament with Portugal gained their spot.

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