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Champions League Odds

The first leg of the Champions League round of 16 is coming up with Sporting Lisbon and Manchester City playing at the same time as PSG and Real Madrid on February 15, 2022. Soccer Alarm will be going over who we think will win.

Manchester City vs Sporting Lisbon

Odds: Manchester City

Soccer Alarm: Manchester City

PSG vs Real Madrid

Odds: PSG

Soccer Alarm: Tie

Bayern Munich vs RB Salzburg

Odds: Bayern

Soccer Alarm: Bayern

Inter Milan vs Liverpool

Odds: Liverpool

Soccer Alarm: Liverpool

Villarreal vs Juventus

Odds: Juventus

Soccer Alarm: Villarreal

Chelsea vs Lille

Odds: Chelsea

Soccer Alarm: Chelsea

Benfica vs Ajax

Odds: Ajax

Soccer Alarm: Tie

Atletico Madrid vs Manchester United

Odds: Atletico Madrid

Soccer Alarm: Manchester United

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