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Champions League Semifinals/Final Predictions, Who Will Win The Final?

The Champions League semifinals are in full swing with two very exciting games, Soccer Alarm predicts who will win the second legs of these games and then the finals.

Manchester City vs Real Madrid (4-3 on aggregate)

After an exciting 7 goal game, Soccer Alarm predicts Manchester City moving onto the finals, going into the second leg with a 1 goal advantage, just like they did against Atletico Madrid. Manchester City have also proven how strong their entire team is throughout the Champions League season, especially at controlling the ball, with 60% possession the last game against Real Madrid, and in the two legs against Atletico Madrid in the Quarterfinals, they had 61% and 71% possession.

Villareal vs Liverpool (0-2 on aggregate)

After a convincing first leg win from Liverpool, where it looked like they could have had much more than 2 goals, Soccer Alarm predicts that they will move on to the final. They will breeze through the second leg if they control the game as much as they did in the first leg, Liverpool had 74% possession and had 19 shots while Villarreal only had 1.

Champions League Finals (Soccer Alarm predicts: Manchester City vs Liverpool) This game will be a good final, and Soccer Alarm predicts Liverpool will be crowned champions as they beat Manchester City 3-2 in the FA Cup Semi Final, although it this potential final could be close as the two teams recently tied in the Premier League.

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