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Guest Columnist Corner: Top Ten Soccer movies of all time.

As you already know, I am the star columnist for The Soccer Alarm. Dab! As such, my overlords in the Soccer Alarm management team have asked me to produce more content. More stories. More windows into my soul. More, more, more ! So buckle up your seat belt and hop on the turtle race because things are about to get interesting. This week’s topic: Top 10 Soccer Movies Of All Time

#10: Bend It Beckham!!

In the role that made her famous, Parminder Nagra plays aspiring soccer star Jess Bhamra in ancient London. She joins forces with Keria Knightley who may or may not be a figment of her imagination. Will the girls win the championship and impress Jess’ strict parents? No spoilers - but yes they will ! According to movie historian Jane Gunn, “this movie is one heck of a score !”

#9 Will

The heartwarming tale of a young orphan who must con his away across Europe to attend the Champions League final in Istanbul. I have not seen this move but my kids say it is great!

#8 Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring

It has been a few years since I saw this movie and the details are fuzzy, but if I remember correctly, our plucky fellowship arrives at Rivendell in need of some quick spirit lifting. Luckily, Gandalf has brought his football and a spirited game against Elrond and the High Elves ensues. Frodo is awarded a red card for his brutal slide tackle on Samwise. Ouch!

#7 The Damned United

Chronicling Brian Clough’s brief stint at Leeds United in the 1970s, The Damned United offers a colorful view of the world of English football. Please note, Lady Ga Ga is not featured in this movie.

#6 Kicking and Screaming

In the role that made him famous, Will Ferrell must organize a group of untalented children to impress his father, as played by Robert Duvall. Kicking and Screaming is a reminder that at the heart of the beautiful game is…love.

#5 Air Bud: World Pup

Air Bud does it again. The details here are fuzzy as it has been many years since I watched this classic, but I believe that Air Bud must find a new sport to play after the financial ruin left in the wake of his unsuccessful gubernatorial run. Equal parts heart warming and horrifying, Air Bud will find a place in your hearts…and wallets !

#4. Pele

The true story of a legend. No, not me! Pele, of course!

#3 ET

ET phone home. And then ET play soccer. When he isn’t saving the universe, ET is doing scorpion kicks all over the field. Watch out grandma, that alien has skills.

#2 Escape to Victory

While true fame wouldn’t happen until 1993’s Cliff Hangar, Sly Stallone delivers a nuanced performance in this WWII epic where Allied prisoners are forced to play against their captors. Featuring many members from my favorite team, Ipswich Town, this movie is a real…slam dunk

#1 Ladybugs

Starring the late great Rodney Dangerfield, this gritty movie highlights the seedy underbelly of youth athletics in American culture. The action is awesome, the soccer skills are realistic, and yes, Mr. Dangerfield, this film gets my respect. Also featuring a gusto performance from Jackee. Dab!

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