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Most wins of Europe's major leagues.

Many teams have had success in soccer, but how many have been the most successful in their respective leagues? You may be surprised or impressed by the records these clubs hold.


Premier League (English league): Manchester United with 13 titles. Second is a tie between Man City and Chelsea with 5.

Premier League counting the First Division of the Football League (which came before): Manchester United with 20 titles, trailed by Liverpool with 19.

FA Cup: (English knockout competition): Arsenal with 14 wins. Second place is Manchester United with 12.


Bundesliga: (German league): Bayern Munich with 31 titles, followed by FC Nürnberg with 9.

DFB-Pokal (German knockout competition): Bayern Munich with 20 titles, 2nd place being Werder Bremen with 6.


Serie A (Italian league): Juventus with 36 wins, trailed by Inter Milan with 19.

Coppa Italia (Italian knockout competition): Juventus with 14 wins. Second is Roma with 9.


Ligue 1 (French league): AS Saint-Étienne, although their last title was in the 1980-81 season, and they are currently in the bottom of the table. Following them is Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain who are tied with 9, but PSG are currently leading the league.

Coupe de France (French knockout competition): PSG have won the most times with 14, following them is Marseille with 10.


Primeira Liga (Portuguese league): 37 time winners Benfica, trailed by Porto with 29.

Taça de Portugal (Portuguese knockout competition): Benfica with 26 titles, while second is Porto with 17.


La Liga (Spanish League): Real Madrid with 34, second place is FC Barcelona with 26.

Translates to more than a club

Copa del Rey (Spanish Knockout League): Barcelona, with 31 titles, followed by Athletic Bilbao with 23.


UEFA Champions League (European group+knockout competition): Real Madrid with 13 wins, and 2nd is AC Milan with 7.

Europa League (Secondary European group+knockout competition): Sevilla with 6. Followed by Juventus with 3.

Those are the best teams from each of the big leagues in Europe, next weeks we will be going over the best teams from the lesser leagues of Europe.

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