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My favorite 5 international mens soccer teams from each continent.

So 195 countries, 6 continents (I am not counting Antarctica).

So that is a lot to choose from, and I am getting stressed. (Come on, calm your self down, deep breaths.) Okay, I'm good now, let's get it started!


(Australia plays in the Asian qualifying, so they do not count here.)

5. Samoa (Underdogs)

4. Papua New Guinea

3. Fiji

2. New Zealand

1. Solomon Islands


5. Sri Lanka (Underdogs)

4. Chinese Taipei (Taiwan)

3. India

2. Korea Republic

1. Japan


5. Switzerland

4. Norway

3. England

2. Scotland

1. Iceland (Underdog)

South America

5. Brazil

4. Paraguay

3. Ecuador

2. Chile

1. Bolivia (Underdog)


5. Madagascar

4. Central African Republic (Underdog)

3. Egypt

2. Senegal

1. South Africa

North and Central America

5. Canada

4. Haiti (Underdog)

3. Mexico

2. Jamaica

1. USA

Those are my favorite international mens soccer teams from each continent.

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