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My Favorite Soccer Leagues

Most people have a favorite team, some have a favorite league, some have a favorite player, some have a favorite... referee? Well this is about my 5 favorite leagues,

5: Serie A

Italy is a very good place for soccer

4: Bundesliga

There are a lot of good teams, and it is very competitive

3: Eliteserien (Norway)

I have seen my first professional soccer games in Norway (Sarpsborg 08 vs Brann and Vålerenga vsBrann)

2: La liga (Spain)

In La Liga there are a lot of good players and teams. Also because I have been to Spain and Camp Nou (the home of F.C. Barcelona)

1: Premier League (England)

I LOVE the Premier League because Liverpool F.C. are my favorite soccer team, I've been to England, and all of the teams are good, even if they are in the relegation zone, they could probably beat a team in the top 10 in... say MLS.

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