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Pele's Top 5 Goals Of His Career

After Pele's recent passing, the Soccer Alarm has decided to roll back the legends career by remembering his 5 best goals. These goals could have been scored for Brazil by Pele, or for one of his club teams, like the Cosmos or Santos.

5. Brazil vs Wales- World Cup Quarter Finals 1958

The only goal in a 1-0 win for Brazil against Wales won’t go down as being one of the most beautiful goals of all time, but as the goal that made a legend, Pele’s first ever World Cup goal. Pele got the ball in the 66th minute and flicked it behind him to keep it away from a defender and then the Brazilian rolled the ball into the bottom left corner of the net, too far away for the goalkeeper to react. Pele is so filled with joy that he leaps into the air a couple of times before celebrating inside the net with his teammates. This goal created a legend.

4. New York Cosmos vs Miami Toros- North American Soccer League 1976

One of the things that Pele was known for was being one of the earliest players to master the bicycle kick, and he put this shot into effect when he played with the New York Cosmos in the newly founded North American Soccer League, or the NASL. The 36 year old player had come out of retirement to play and he was past his prime, but that didn’t enter his head when a cross was put into the box and Pele did what he was famous for, bicycling the ball into the back of the net. It was reported that this goal was so good that opposition supporters and players applauded along with fans of the Cosmos.

3. Brazil vs Romania- World Cup Group Stage 1970

While Pele was known to score classy goals that involved him faking out every last defender, he wasn’t afraid to take a shot from distance either. In a 1970 World Cup group stage match between Romania and Brazil, Pele was running down the field in the 19th minute when he was tripped up just outside the penalty box by a Romanian defender. The referee awards a freekick and the other Brazilian players let Pele take the shot, the number 10 proceeds to slam the ball just to the left of the wall of Romanians and into the corner of the net, the ball is hit so hard that the goalkeeper can’t even react. This game ends 3-2 with Pele scoring the winning goal for Brazil in the 67th minute.

2. Santos vs Juventus- 1959

One of Pele’s most iconic goals for the Brazilian side Santos was not captured on camera, this was his goal against Juventus, the only footage of the goal was digitally created from accounts by fans, journalists, and players. This goal started when the ball was crossed into the box to the Brazilian, Pele let the ball bounce, then he flicked it up to get past the first defender, he did the same for the second, and continued juggling to get the ball past the third defender near the penalty spot. After this, Pele takes the ball (Which still hasn’t touched the ground) onto his knee, this is when the goalkeeper decides to dive at the ball, but Pele flicks the ball up into the air once more, leaving the goalie laying on the ground, and Pele cooly heads the ball into the back of the net.

1. Brazil vs Sweden- World Cup Final 1958

Pele’s first goal in a World Cup final was an incredible one, the 18 year old was still in his first World Cup when he made it to the final, having scored a hat trick in the previous game, a semi final against France, Pele was full of confidence. The game went to half time at 2-1 Brazil, but that score didn’t stick for long, because 10 minutes after the half the ball dropped for Pele in the box, a defender was charging at him, Pele’s response to this is to cheekily put the ball over the incoming defender’s head. This works, as the Swedish player goes flying by, and then Pele, who is off balance, shoots the ball into the bottom corner of the net before it can hit the ground. Pele goes on to score again in the 90th minute, securing a 5-2 victory for Brazil.

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