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Soccer during the Holidays

No matter what holiday you celebrate, December is always festive, so let's go through some of the celebrations that have happened in the soccer world.

Watford become the first Premier League club to host a Hanukkah/Chanukah party.

On December 2, 2021, Watford FC, helped by the Jewish Hornets Supporters Group became the first Premier League team to host a Hanukkah/Chanukah party, just like most Hanukkah/Chanukah parties, they lit candles, sang, and did the traditional eating of donuts. Also speeches were given and over 100 people attended the celebration.

Soccer brings people together: Christmas 1914

For quite a long time there was no peace during WWI, until one day it was silent in the trenches and on man's land, except for the sound of a soccer ball getting kicked. This happened for many sectors of the line, and for some, they played for multiple days A lieutenant wrote in his diary that "A couple of Britons brought a ball along from their trenches, and a lively game began. How fantastically wonderful and strange. The English officers experienced it like that too -- that thanks to soccer and Christmas, the feast of love, deadly enemies briefly came together as friends." So soccer can truly bring people together, at a pickup game in the park or even in the middle of a war.

First Day of Kwanzaa and Boxing Day, best matches

Boxing Day and Kwanzaa are always both of December 26, (Kwanzaa runs until January 1st.) and there are always soccer matches on these days, with the first match in 1860. Here is a list of the best games in each major league that play on the first day of Kwanzaa and Boxing Day this year. It will be chosen by how competitive the game is, and the standings of the league (As of December 12th)

Best Premier League game: Manchester City(1st) vs Leicester City (8th)

Best EFL Championship game: Nottingham(8th) vs Middlesbrough (9th)

Best Scottish Premiership game: Dundee United (4th) vs Hibernian (7th)

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