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The Ukraine Crisis, How It Is Affecting Soccer

While most people have probably heard of what is going on in Ukraine right now, a very brief description is that they are being invaded by Russia, this has affected a lot of the soccer world, as there is backlash facing Russia, here are some ways that it has done so.

1. Poland, Sweden, and the Czech Republic have boycotted World Cup qualifier games against Russia.

2. Russia was banned by FIFA, which means they cannot qualify for the World Cup.

3. Russia were also banned by UEFA, which means that Spartak Moscow will not play against RB Leipzig in the Europa League, so Leipzig are automatically through to the Quarterfinals.

4. The UEFA Champions League Final was moved from Russia to France, and will now be at the Stade de France

5. The Ukrainian Premier League has been postponed, and we do not know when it will come back.

6. Sponsorships: Schalke 04 has removed Russia's Gazprom's (A Russian state owned energy company) logo from their jerseys, and UEFA has gotten rid of them as one of their sponsors. Manchester United also ended their partnership with Aeroflot, a Russian airline.

7. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, a Russian Oligarch, is reportedly selling Chelsea, the net proceeds of the sale will be donated to victims of Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Credit: FIFPRO

8. Two Ukrainian soccer players died defending their country, Vitalii Sapylo who played for Karpaty Lviv youth team and Dmytro Martynenko who played for FC Gostomel. May they rest in peace.

9. Many teams and players have shown their support for Ukraine including Manchester City and Ukrainian player Zinchenko, he said "The country where I was born and raised. A country whose colours I defend in the international sports arena. A country that we try to glorify and develop. A country whose borders must remain inviolable. My country belongs to Ukrainians and no one will ever be able to appropriate it. We will not give up! Glory to Ukraine." Many fans have also brought Ukrainian flags to games, including fans rooting for both sides in the Carabao Cup Final between Liverpool and Chelsea.

Credit: Sports Love Me

Everton players wearing the flag of Ukraine before the a match vs Manchester City starts. Credit: Getty Images

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