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Top 10 Weirdest Haircuts in Soccer History

Certain soccer players can be known for their hair, for lots of them this is being known for their hair in a good way, but definitely not all of them. These 10 soccer players are known for there weird hair, and in some cases their terrible hair.

10. Alexi Lalas

Alexi Lalas had a certain haircut during the 1994 World Cup, and his hair alone wasn't the weird part, but the long hair combined with an odd long goatee. The defender's hair may have been a good luck charm for him, playing all 90 minutes for the 3 group stage games and the group of 16 game that he played in, and he only allowed 4 goals in those 4, including letting in only 1 goal against the to-be champions Brazil. The hairdo may not have been a good luck charm for his team, who were only able to score 3 goals in the tournament and the Americans crashed out in the round of sixteen in a 1-0 loss against Brazil.

9. Paul Scharner

Paul Scharner is an Austrian midfielder who is known for his outlandish hair, and one of his most famous looks is from 2009-2010 when he was the captain of his national team. He bleached one half of his hair white while keeping the other side black. Another famous look from Paul Scharner is when he dyed the back of his head blue to spell out "Thanx" on his last game for his club, Wigan Athletic.

8. Abel Xavier

Abel Xavier went through a series of strange haircuts, but this one tops the charts, as the Portuguese defender sported a white mohawk with white braids running down the sides, and the icing on the cake was the bleached beard.

7. Ivan Perišić

Ivan Perišić got a red and white checkered haircut to wear when playing for his home country of Croatia, which matched the European team's home jerseys for the 2016 Euro Quarter Finals. If that's not pride for your country than I don't know what is.

6. Carlos Valderrama

Valderrama, widely known for his long, frizzy hair was Colombia's leader during their years of great success. The attacking midfielder is the Colombian player with the third most appearances for the South American team, and he won the South American player of the years award twice, but with all of these accomplishments, Valderrama will be remembered by most as the Colombian player with the crazy hair.

5. Taribo West

The Nigerian defender Taribo West's hair has become somewhat iconic for a haircut. Famed for his bizarre hair and his great defending, West played all over the world for different clubs and more famously for his home country of Nigeria. West is famous for dying his hair (Green, when he is playing for Nigeria) and braiding in colorful beads to the two areas of hair that are sticking up on the top of his head.

4. Roberto Baggio

Baggio, a forward who played for Italy and for 7 different Italian clubs is known throughout Italy as "Divino Cordino" or, the Divine Ponytail. The prolific goal scorer was the first player inducted into the Italian Football hall of fame for his contributions to Italian club soccer and the Italian national team, beating Paolo Maldini (Inducted a year later) Francesco Totti, (Inducted 7 years later), and Diego Maradona (Inducted 3 years later). Throughout most of his long and successful career, Baggio wore his trademarked curly ponytail.

3. Rodrigo Palacio

The Argentine forward Rodrigo Palacio gained a lot of fame in 2014 when he played for Argentina in the World Cup Final... with a rat tail. Palacio's hair added on to the fame that he already had earned by playing for mainly Boca Juniors and Inter Milan, but also 5 other teams that he had shorter stints at. In the World Cup final, the rat tail could not give Argentina the win, as Palacio was subbed in during the 78th minute of play, and Argentina were held to 0 goals, but their opponents, Germany scored a 113th minute winner to make the game 1-0 win for the Europeans.

2. Giovanni Simeone

Giovanni Simeone, who has recently turned 27, is finally showing his full potential, scoring for Napoli in their surprising run in the Champions League and Serie A. But back in 2013, the son of Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone played for the Argentine team RIver Plate, and at this point, the way he gained international fame was not by scoring goals in the Champions League, but by having one of the worst haircuts in world soccer. His hair is difficult to describe, but here we go, Simeone had the top of his head shaved, while leaving the sides of his head long, and then a little area in the back where he leaves a few locks of hair to shoot up in the back, luckily the hairstyle did not last long.

1. Ronaldo

The number 1 spot belongs to one of the best soccer players to ever touch the ball, Ronaldo, not Cristiano Ronaldo, but the Brazilian Ronaldo who came before. To understand why Ronaldo got this umbrella themed haircut you must first understand that Ronaldo got an injury in November 1999 where his knee buckled and he had to limp off the field, he finally was able to return to soccer in April of 2000, but in his first game back, he only played for 6 minutes before his kneecap tendons ruptured, and his doctor said that it was the worst soccer injury he had ever seen. Ronaldo was out for the rest of the 1999-2000 Serie A season, the entirety of the 2000-2001 season, and some of the 2001-2002 season, but he was able to come back for the 2002 World Cup, at this point all that anyone was talking about was how Ronaldo would play after coming back from his horrific injury, so Ronaldo got a haircut. He said in an interview "When I arrived in training with this haircut everybody stopped talking about the injury" He ended up winning the World Cup with this haircut and to everyone's surprise, he ended up winning the golden boot for scoring the most goals in the tournament with 8, including the two goals in a 2-0 win against Germany in the final. This haircut may have worked too well though, because when many people think of the 2002 World Cup for Ronaldo, all they think about is the hair, instead of remembering his amazing campaign.

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