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Top 6 Rivalries In The Premier League

Rivalries create some of the most intense and fun games to watch, as there is so much pressure on each side that they feel that they must win. These rivalries can be created because the two teams are in the same city, because they are very successful teams, and many other reasons. Here are the top six rivalries as ranked by Soccer Alarm with how many red cards have occured in these fixtures, the all time win count, the most recent results, and the importance of the match.

6. London Derby- Arsenal vs Chelsea

Record: 81 Arsenal Wins, 66 Chelsea Wins, and 59 draws.

Most Recent Scores: Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea (Premier League, November 2022) and Arsenal 4-2 Chelsea (Premier League, April 2022).

Red Cards: 13

Importance: The two best teams in London for decades have been fierce rivals and this derby helps decide the best team in London, which from the past two matches, appears to be Arsenal.

5. Merseyside Derby- Liverpool vs Everton

Record: 97 Liverpool Wins, 67 Everton Wins, and 77 draws.

Most Recent Scores: Liverpool 0-0 Everton (Premier League, October 2022) and Liverpool 2-0 Everton (Premier League, April 2022)

Red Cards: 22 (Most of any fixture in the Premier League Era)

Importance: Two teams both based in Liverpool have had an intense rivalry for a long time, this is a game where tensions flare, with fights between fans and the most red cards of any Premier League fixture.

4. North London Derby- Tottenham vs Arsenal

Record: 81 Arsenal Wins, 61 Tottenham Wins, and 51 draws.

Most Recent Scores: Arsenal 2-0 Tottenham (Premier League, January 2023) and Arsenal 3-1 Tottenham (Premier League, October 2022).

Red Cards: 12

Importance: Arsenal and Tottenham are very close geographically, both in Northern London, and they have each been towards the top Premier League table recently, making this a must win game for pride and for a chance to win the League.

3. Manchester Derby- Manchester City vs Manchester United

Record: 78 Manchester United Wins, 58 Manchester City Wins, and 53 draws.

Most Recent Scores: Manchester United 2-1 Manchester City (Premier League, January 2023) and Manchester City 6-3 Manchester United (Premier League, October 2022).

Red cards: 8

Importance: This rivalry was always big, but got bigger in recent years since Pep Guardiola has started managing City. These two clubs, giants of modern soccer, compete with each other in the same city, which was dominated by United for a while, but now it seems that City are on top, despite losing to United in the most recent time these two teams faced off.

2. Manchester City vs Liverpool

Record: 91 Liverpool wins, 49 Manchester City wins, and 51 draws.

Most Recent Scores: Manchester City 3-2 Liverpool (EFL Cup, December 2022) and Liverpool 1-0 Manchester City (Premier League, October 2022).

Red Cards: 14

Importance: This derby doesn’t have much history, as it really started about 6 years ago, when these two teams became the two contenders for the Premier League trophy. Liverpool and Manchester City have both been in the top 3 on the table since 2018 and this is now a deciding game for who will win the league each year.

1. North West Derby- Manchester United vs Liverpool

Record: 83 Manchester United Wins, 70 Liverpool Wins, and 58 draws.

Most Recent Scores: Manchester United 2-1 Liverpool (Premier League, August 2022) and Liverpool 4-0 Manchester United (Premier League, April 2022).

Red Cards: 16

Importance: Manchester United and Liverpool’s stadiums are only 33 miles apart, and they have ruled English soccer for a long time. The teams are the most successful English teams, as Manchester United have won the most Premier League/First Division (Predecessor of the Premier League) titles with 20, while Liverpool are in second with 19. This fixture always ends up with controversial calls, lots of cards, and fights between fans, which only heats up the best rivalry in soccer.

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