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Transfers that could happen the January.

Top 20 transfer rumors. Just a warning, none of these are confirmed.

20. Is Khedira going to the spurs?

19. Will Marcus Thuram head to Manchester City?

18. Umtiti to Everton?

17. Pepe to leave Arsenal?

16. Will Depay leave Lyon?

15. Is Jimenez going to Man U?

14. Will Wijnaldum stay with Liverpool?

13. Schuurs to Liverpool?

12. Is Giroud going to Inter Miami or Inter Milan? (Battle of the inters!)

11. Upamecano to Liverpool?

10. Eriksen to Man U?

9. Will Jack Grealish go to Man City? (Reports say maybe for $133 million!)

8. Is Paul Pogba going to Juventus?

7. David Alaba to Chelsea?

6. Is Coutinho leaving for Juve or Liverpool... or will he stay with Barca?

5. Haaland going to Real Madrid?

4. Sancho to Man U?

3. Is Ronaldo going back to Manchester United?

2. Is Mbappe going to Real Madrid or Liverpool, or elsewhere?

1. Messi to Man City?

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