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UEFA Champion's League Predictions!

The Champion's League is back in stride! Games on Tuesday and Wednesday were very exciting and led to a lot of goals! So the Soccer Alarm is going to give you predictions from the pros, and from our own Soccer Alarm viewers!!

In case you haven't been following, the remaining teams are Bayern Munich , PSG, Man City, Dortmund, Real Madrid, Liverpool, FC Porto, and Chelsea.

What websites are saying:

Five Thirty Eight says Manchester City will win.

The McGill Tribune says Chelsea will win.

NBC Sports says Manchester City will win.

MSN says Manchester City will win.

CBS sports says Manchester City, PSG, or Bayern Munich will win.

Sportskeeda predicts that Manchester City will win

Points Bet says Manchester City.

And the one you've all been waiting for, the Soccer Alarm had to try hard to stop the Liverpool bias (my favorite team), and I have to go with Manchester City winning the UEFA Champions League.

Now the fans Opinions!!!!

Ben: Liverpool

Luke: Manchester City

Bernard: Paris Saint Germain

Okay, so now you have heard who websites and Soccer Alarm fans think will win, and you can choose who you think will win in this poll created by UEFA below. Thanks!

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