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Happy Halloween!

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

One of the most popular type of Halloween costume is a... Disney Princess. So today I will be comparing famous soccer players to Disney Princesses. Let's get started.


Mulan was not aloud to join the army because of her gender but she powered through and saved China.

Mulan could be compared too...

Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe, an inspiration to everyone, winning the world cup fighting for women's rights, what can't she do? Her and Mulan both fought gender barriers and difficulties but every thing that came in their way they accomplished.


In Moana the main character doesn't start out great but she goes on to do great things with hard work and elbow grease.

Jamie Vardy said "At age 25, he finally clawed his way into the Football League, moving from Fleetwood Town (in England's fifth tier at the time) to Leicester City (in the second tier).

He made his Premier League bow two years later and netted just five goals in 34 appearances. With all of that evidence to hand, not a soul on earth could have predicted what would happen next.

A hot start to the 2015-16 campaign refused to fizzle out. Vardy led the Foxes to a 5,000-1 league title, top scored with 24 goals and scored in 11 consecutive matches," If you don't think that Moana or Jamie Vardy put in hard work, then you obviously don't know what hard work means.


This Disney Princess is very selfless and loves to help others. Those are some good personality traits. But what soccer player is as selfless as her?

Mesut Ozil

This player has an assist every .39 games, that is insane! I bet some of those he had a shot but instead he choose to pass, what a selfless human being, I hope that he gets on another team soon now because Arsenal are really let those assists go to waste.


Tiana loves cooking and even has her own restaurant in New Orleans. She is also daring and ambitous.

Kevin de Brunye

The man city star likes to cook and loves to watch The Great British Bake Off. A club source told the Daily Star: “When Kevin couldn’t watch it for football reasons or whatever, he would always either record it or get it on catch-up. “He will see an idea he likes the look of, get the ingredients in and then work out how to put his own unique twist on it. “He uses the other players as a tasting board – and they love it. “Kevin actually once said the thought process behind creating a cake was very similar to coming up with the perfect pass on the pitch – it needs everything to combine together in the right way." So there is the next celebrity chef for you, Kevin de Brunye!

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