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At the summer camp I go to a debate broke out about how one kid thought that USMNT was better than the USWNT. Soon many kids argued that it was the other way around, many persuasive arguments were made, but what you need to know on this topic is what will be said in this article.

The argument for the Women's team.

The US Women's team brings in more revenue then men's, yet they get payed a fraction of what the men get. This is the scenario in the US right now, what the heck? The Washington Post said this "On June 11, 2019, the US Women's Soccer Team beat Thailand 13 to 0. That's more goals than any team has ever scored in a game … in the history of the world cup. It's also more goals than the US Men's team has scored in every world cup since 2006. Combined. " Also in the Fifa Women's World Player of the Year Award, an American has won for times, but with the mens one an American has never won. Also the furthest the men ever made it in a World Cup was in the first one, they made it all the way to the semifinals, but then got slaughtered by Argentina 6-1, in this World Cup they scored 7 goals, while the woman scored 26 in 2019. Also in their last two world cups the women scored as many goals as the mens did in ALL World cups they have played in.

The argument for the Men's team.

To be completely honest, in the debate I was on the side of the US Women, so I will be quoting much of this, and I will probably end up arguing most of these reasons, so, just, be prepared for that!

I was reaserching and found a person that thought the men are better. Joe Willmore from Quora said "The biggest difference is in level of competition. At the NT level, the first touch required of men in order to compete is much closer, much better. Women at the NT level can be much sloppier and still succeed. Tactical recognition is weaker because the women’s game just isn’t as competitive and as sharp as the best men’s team is." Also the USWNT lost against a group of under-15 amateur players. Although I have to argue that this was just a scrimmage. Also, CBS Sports said "Of course, this match against the academy team was very informal and should not be a major cause for alarm. The U.S. surely wasn’t going all out, with the main goal being to get some minutes on the pitch, build chemistry when it comes to moving the ball around, improve defensive shape and get ready for Russia." (Russia is who they were playing next)

So, I think that with these reasons the Women are better! But the only way to find who is truly better is to set up a match...

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