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What are the best Women's soccer players ever?

Happy Women's History Month! To celebrate all the achievements of women everywhere, we are going to talk about the best women's soccer players of all time, and then you can cast your vote at the bottom! Now let's get started!

Mia Hamm

If you didn't expect this person on this list then you don't know enough about soccer. She led the USA to victory at the first Women's World Cup when she was only 19. She was also a pioneering figure for all women's sports and is a recent edition to the Women's Hall of Fame.


You don't stand a chance if Marta comes running at you with a ball, she has enough tricks up her sleeve to score as many goals as she feels fit, and have I mentioned her shots yet? I pity the goalie that stands in her way.

Birgit Prinz

According to "The highest-scoring non-North American in women’s soccer history, Birgit Prinz tallied 128 times in 214 matches" I mean... if that doesn't shout "I'm a great soccer player" then I don't know what does!

Michelle Akers

Akers was one of the best strikers in the world, but then she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome, yet she kept playing, and she became a defensive midfielder. Imagine being the best in both positions, well that's what Michelle Akers was!

Homare Sawa

This Japanese midfielder made her senior team debut at age 12 and by 15 she was playing for her home nation's national team. With a world cup trophy and an Olympic silver medal, she retired a legend in 2015.

Sun Wen

Sun Wen has scored 106 goals out of 152 national team appearances. That stat right their is world class, and that's not the entire story, she also has earned a golden boot and so many other awards that we don't have time to say.


This Brazilian superstar is one of the best this world has ever seen. She has won the sliver medal twice, and has won countless trophies at the club level for Santos and Potsdam.

Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe led the USA to victory in the 2019 world cup. She has won so many awards it is almost impossible to count. Not only has she won so many awards for club and country, but she is also a strong believer and advocate for women's rights.


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