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What Soccer Teams Do Celebrities Support?

A lot of people support soccer teams, it is the most popular sport after all! But you may wonder if any of your teams are supported by celebrities, don’t worry, Soccer Alarm has your back!

Actors and Actresses

Tom Hanks: Aston Villa, he has been seen at Aston Villa games and has donned the claret and blue scarves.

Daniel Craig: Liverpool FC, the James Bond actor is vocal about his support for club and has been pictured meeting with current players and even Steven Gerard.

Idris Elba: Arsenal, Elba grew up in London and supports Arsenal, and has even said that he would feel ill if Tottenham won the Premier League.

Peter Dinklage: Sevilla FC, the actor and his Game of Thrones co stars watched a game between FC Barcelona and Sevilla, Dinklage supported Sevilla and was given a shirt to commemorate the game

Samuel L. Jackson: Liverpool, when the Nick Fury actor was filming a movie in Liverpool, he visited Anfield and went to his first soccer match, he instantly fell in love with the atmosphere and the club, and has been known to show his support on social media after the club wins.

Will Ferrell: LAFC, the comedian and actor has been a fan of the club, and is now an owner, he has come to training and boosts the MLS team’s morale.

Viggo Mortenson: San Lorenzo, the Aragorn actor grew up in Argentina and supports this team from the country. He was even spotted sporting a San Lorenzo vest at the Oscars.

Hugh Grant: Fulham, one of the most famous faces in British acting and someone who is known across the globe, Hugh Grant doesn’t just say that he supports the team, but he is also frequently seen at Fulham games, and when Fulham couldn’t afford to pay for Robbie Herrera, Grant gave them the money to go through with the transfer.

Sport Players (From other sports)

Rafael Nadal: Real Madrid, the tennis player has even requested to change the date of a match to watch Real Madrid’s 2nd leg semi final win against Manchester City

LeBron James: Liverpool FC, the basketball star is known for being a Liverpool fan and he even owns a minor stake of the club.

Tom Brady: Paris Saint-Germain, one of the greatest players in American Football, the quarterback supports the French side.

Giannis Antetokounmpo: Paris Saint-Germain and Arsenal, the Greek basketball player supported Arsenal as a child, but he also likes PSG and is a huge fan of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Roger Federer: FC Basel, one of the most accomplished tennis players of all time grew up near the stadium of Basel and has been a lifelong fan of the Swiss team.


Shakira: FC Barcelona, the musician’s foundation has partnered with FC Barcelona, and it can’t hurt that her previous husband, Gerard Piqué, plays for the club.

Adele: Tottenham, the singer came from North London (Where Tottenham are located), and has been caught singing the Tottenham anthem many times.

Elton John: Watford, Elton John has been supporting Watford his entire life and was once a co owner of the club.

Noel and Liam Gallagher: Manchester City, the two singers who make up Oasis, are well known for being City fans, and have been since childhood, Noel interviewed manager Pep Guardiola and they became fans when their dad took them to their first soccer game, Manchester City vs Newcastle

Ed Sheeran: Ipswich Town, although many people think Chelsea is this singer’s club, this is not true, he does go to their games, but because his father is a fan and he likes to watch games with him. He is actually an Ipswich Town fan, and has been seen at games sporting their kits, he grew up in Ipswich and has been officially given the number 17 and appears on the team list of players.

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