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What Superheroes are famous soccer players?

Happy Halloween! One of the most popular halloween costumes is a superhero! So let's compare famous soccer players to superheros.

Batman: Lionel Messi

Batman and Messi have many things in common. For one, Batman has a utility belt that holds a number of different tools and tricks. Messi has a lot of tools he can use too. Whether it is shooting, dribbling, or stealing the ball he can do it. Also Messi has created many moves to help him win, just like how Batman has invented many gadgets so that he can do the same.

Spider Man: Kylian Mbappé

Kylian Mbappé and Spider Man are both extraordinarily fast, Mbappe recording a speed of 44.7 kph or 27.7 mph against Lille in 2017, while spider man can go as fast as 200-250 miles per hour. They both have hometown pride, as Mbappé plays for PSG in Paris, and he was born in a suburb of Paris, while Peter Parker loves New York City.

Captain America: Megan Rapinoe

Captain America and Megan Rapinoe have many things alike including that they are both American icons. They also have a lot of bravery, Captain American runs into battle without anything holding him back and Megan Rapinoe has a lot of bravery too as she keeps trying to get equal pay for the USWNT. Also Captain America has a shield and when Megan Rapinoe is in midfield she is a shield for her team, making sure that nothing goes by.

Superman: N'Golo Kanté

N'Golo Kanté and Superman both have one personality trait that goes over most others, they both are very optimistic, with Superman seeing the good in everyone and Kanté always smiling. Also they both have many superpowers, Superman has flight, strength, and ice breath, while Kanté has his passing, dribbling and off the ball movement.

Hulk: Adebayo Akinfenwa

There is no doubt that Wycombe Wanderers star Adebayo Akinfenwa is the Hulk, it is agreed upon by almost everyone that this is the strongest soccer player, although he has never played in the Premier League, he is a household name in the UK. Him and the Hulk are similar in that they are very strong, the Hulk can bench 150 tons and Akinfenwa can bench 180 kg.

Flash: Alphonso Davies

Alphonso Davies is the fastest soccer player in the world, running at a speed of 22.7 mph. As you probably know, the Flash is very fast too. Also the flash works hard to save lives and the people he loves , and Alphonso Davies works hard to save, well goals going in, and the Bayern Munich star does a very good job of that, and at only 20 years old, there will be a lot more speed coming!

Wonder Woman: Marta

Of course Marta is Wonder Woman, Marta can speak English, Swedish, and Portuguese and Wonder Woman can speak every language. Also Marta has been called the greatest female soccer player of all time, just as Wonder Woman has the title of best female superhero. Wonder Woman knows how to attack people very well, while the Brazilian superstar attacks the net with world class goals.

Thor: Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale have many things in common including a hammer, Thor has a literal hammer that he throws around and Gareth Bale has a hammer of a foot, he kick the ball really hard! They also both have long hair, Thor lets his flow, while Bale puts his up in a man bun.

I hope you enjoyed finding out which superheroes famous soccer players are! Happy Halloween!

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