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Which teams would make the World Cup right now?

In the World Cup they do qualifying tournaments to see who will make the world cup. In fact Asia and Africa had already played a few games before the pandemic came around. But what if it was based on the Fifa (not the video game, the real thing) world rankings? That is what I am answering for today. But first, we should freshen up on our World Cup qualification knowledge. Wikipedia said that Europe gets 13 teams into the cup, Africa gets 5 teams, Asia gets 4 teams, plus the host, Qatar, South America gets 4 and North and Central America and Caribbean get 3, also Wikipedia said that there are 2 berths for the winners of intercontinental play-offs between the best team from Oceania, as well as additional teams from the AsiaSouth America and Central and North America and the Caribbean. The pairings for these play-offs will be determined by an open draw.

So now we get to the good stuff. The teams top 13 teams from Europe in the power rankings right now are Belgium, France, England, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Poland. The top 5 teams from Africa include Senegal, Tunisia, Nigeria, Algieria, and Morocco. For Asia it is Japan, IR Iran, Korea Republic, Australia, and Qatar (the host makes it automatically) The top 4 South American teams are Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Columbia. While the Caribbean, North and Central American teams are Mexico, USA, and Costa Rica. The two outsiders would be Chile and Peru.

So now you know who some of the favorites to make the World Cup are, and who would make the world cup if it was based on Fifa rankings.

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