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Who Won Europe's Major Leagues?

With most leagues being over by now, Soccer Alarm can announce who won many of the major leagues in Europe.

Scottish Premiership: Celtic FC, their 8th title, remaining the club with the most titles in Scotland.

Primeira Liga: FC Porto, claiming their 30th title in the league.

Eredivisie: Ajax, who won by a narrow 2 points, their 36th title, the most of all Eredivisie clubs.

Serie A: AC Milan also won by 2 points, edging out cross town rivals Inter Milan. This tied them with Inter for 2nd most titles won.

Ligue 1: Paris Saint-Germain won by 15 points, this is their 10th title, which ties them with Saint-Étienne for the most Ligue 1 wins.

La Liga: Real Madrid won many days before the season ended, giving them their 35th title, the most in Spain.

Bundesliga: Bayern Munich won their 31st title, 26 more than any other German team.

Premier League: Manchester City won on the last day, beating Liverpool by 1 point. This is their 7th title.

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